Health & Safety

Medical Forms

The wellness of your child is a top camp priority.  That’s why throughout the day, we are staffed with a camp health director who can capably respond to illness and injury, administer first aid, and dispense medicine per doctor’s orders.

Because camper health is so important, we review health forms in advance of summer. Upon registration, and no later than May 1, you must submit:

All health forms must be dated within one year of camp’s last day, August 9, 2024.

Health specific questions may be directed to our health director at

Camper Safety

For parents, nothing is as important as knowing that your child is safe and secure.  We understand this, so we’ve developed a host of safety procedures and protocols that are practiced through drills and simulations under the direction of Poly’s campus security team.

All members of our staff, from teachers to coaches, from counselors to bus loaders, are thoroughly trained in effective supervision skills.  Our small camper-to-staff ratio ensures that children are closely monitored from the moment they step onto our campus through the moment they leave for home.

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