• Can you help me plan my child’s Poly Summer?

    Absolutely! Please call us at (718) 836-9800, ext. 3220 or email us at summer@polyprep.org.

  • Should I register early?

    Yes! We encourage early registration. Our programs are popular and they fill quickly with new and returning campers.

    Campers are enrolled in our programs on a first-come, first-served basis. Once a program has filled to capacity, campers may join the program’s waitlist at no charge.

    Registration for 2024 will begin on Thursday, January 18 at 12:00 PM.

  • Can my child register for only a few weeks of a multiweek program?

    No. Campers thrive at Poly Summer because of the emphasis we place on community building, social connection, and skill building. They truly cherish being part of something special, and after our multiweek programs, they have built friendships and developed skills and talents that last long beyond the summer.

    At Performing Arts Camp, week five includes a showcase of performances which give proud campers the chance to show off their growth to friends and family. Campers buzz with confidence as they perform their plays, dances, songs, and instrumental creations.

    At Summer Experience Day Camp, week six includes our annual Camp Carnival, Camp Olympics, and other lasting traditions that build memories in which campers carry throughout their year.

  • What happens if my family’s plans change? Is camp tuition refundable?

    Upon registration, you are required to pay a $300 administrative fee per camper to secure your child’s registration. This fee is nonrefundable.

    You have until April 15 to pay the remaining balance of your camper’s tuition for the summer ahead. Should you decide to withdraw your camper in advance of April 15, you will receive a refund of all payments made to date minus the nonrefundable administrative fee. Refund requests must be made via email to summer@polyprep.org.

    On April 15, the remaining balance of your household camper tuition must be paid in full. Campers with unpaid balances are moved to the program’s waitlist; Poly Summer cannot guarantee waitlisted registrants a space within the program.

    No refunds are issued for camp tuition after April 15.

  • Is Poly Summer appropriate for a camper with special needs?

    Any camper who can manage in a typical school setting should thrive at Poly Summer. However, because children’s safety is paramount, some prospective campers’ physical or emotional considerations may require extra help. We expect parents to call the camp office to discuss their child’s specific needs at the time of initial registration. We will work with you to determine if our camp is an appropriate placement.

  • What is your vaccination policy?

    Vaccines protect children from getting and spreading diseases and are required for children to attend camp. Before May 15, you must submit proof of immunization or blood test results that show immunity for your child as per the requirements set by the NYCDOH. See this chart of required vaccinations for details

What’s Included

  • Who will be working with my child at Poly Summer?

    The Poly Summer team is comprised of dedicated and enthusiastic directors, teachers, coaches, artists, specialists, and counselors who return year after year to intermingle learning and fun at camp. Our experienced team works collaboratively to deliver an amazing summer; we take pride in connecting with all of our campers as we help them grow into confident individuals.

  • Do you provide bus service to camp?

    Poly Summer partners with DiMino Bus Service, Inc. to provide a reliable, round-trip transportation option to campers. A family-run business, DiMino prioritizes service, comfort, and safety for its riders.

    The fee for bus transportation is charged in addition to camp tuition.  Visit our Bus Routes page for more information.

  • Do campers need to bring their own lunch?

    Daily lunch and snack is provided to campers.

    Visit our nutrition page for more information.


The Camp Day

  • How long is the camp day?

    All full-day programs run from 9:00 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. with drop-off beginning no earlier than 8:30 A.M. and late pick-up ending at 4:00 P.M.

  • Do you offer an early drop-off or extended-day option?

    In the morning, campers may be dropped off after 8:30 AM for camp.

    In the afternoon, Poly Summer offers Play Club, an extended day option until 5:30 PM.  Families must register in advance of summer for the full season, Mondays-Thursdays, from 3:30 – 5:30 PM.

    Learn more here.


  • Can you place my child in a group with his friends?

    Our oldest campers frequently tell us that their reason for returning to camp year after year is to spend time with the friends that they first made at camp. We place great value on helping campers develop new friendships each summer while nurturing the old.

    We make every effort to honor a single friend request, but they are not guaranteed. A corresponding request must be made by the friend’s parent or guardian. Campers must be entering the same grade as their requested friend.

  • How will camp keep in touch with me?

    Email is the main tool we use to communicate with camp families both before and during the camp season. If an issue or concern arises that is specific to your child, a member of our camp leadership team will contact you by phone.  If you ever need to speak with the director of your child’s program, we would be happy to connect you through our main camp hotline.

  • What is your policy on cell phones and electronics?

    Poly Summer offers an escape from an increasingly digital world. Campers learn to collaborate, imagine, concentrate, and communicate through physical ‘facetime’ at camp. We strive to provide a program free from electronics except in places where we have thoughtfully incorporated them.

    Please do not permit your child to bring cell phones or other electronics for use at camp. We understand that campers may travel with these devices, but please note that our policy includes storing them in the camp office from the start of each camp day until dismissal.


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